Is Air Canada a Good Airline? Locations, Reviews, Certifications, & More

Is Air Canada a Good Airline

Air Canada is a good airline that has been offering connectivity to more than 200 destinations across six continents. The Canadian carrier enjoys the best ratings in terms of different aspects. Its services can be conveniently accessed. The ease of booking, modifying, and canceling tickets is an indicator of why is Air Canada a good airline. Moreover, it has many records with its name and accreditation of several authorities. The carrier is given the name of the best airline as per travelers’ reviews. For the elderly, passengers with disabilities, minors, unaccompanied kids, and others, this carrier is worthy of selection.

Why is Air Canada a Good Airline?

Why is Air Canada a Good Airline

This Canadian airline is one of the most popular carriers in the world. It might be the only one serving flights to 6 continents including Asia, Australia, Europe, etc. It is committed to providing the best in-flight experience to its travelers globally.

Some additional things make Air Canada a good airline, which are listed below:

  • It is among the largest airlines by size in North America.
  • This carrier has a fleet size of over 200 aircraft.
  • How safe is Air Canada is well-known.
  • It is accredited and certified by many transportation authorities.

Is Air Canada a Good Airline for International Flights?

Air Canada offers flights to 158 locations globally. Many of these consist of intercontinental countries. With such a wide range of destinations, the carrier is giving the best connectivity to passengers.

Below are the details to learn how is Air Canada a good airline to travel internationally: 

  • By operating in big countries, this airline has developed a great legacy.
  • In Europe, it flies to Italy, Germany, France, etc.
  • Also, it provides flights to Japan, Mexico, Spain, etc.
  • The carrier may offer flights to several destinations in the United States.

Is Air Canada a Good Airline to Fly Domestically?

Is Air Canada a Good Airline to Fly Domestically

The carrier has a wide range of local destinations to travel to. It flies to several major or minor cities in the country. Travelers may also get numerous services in the various classes offered on domestic flights. 

  • This airline provides flights to over 64 domestic locations.
  • Some of the prominent places where the flag carrier flies are:
    • Montreal
    • Ottawa
    • Victoria
  • Other cities included such as Comex, Regina, Toronto, etc. 
  • Air Canada offers three kinds of class for passengers traveling locally, these are as follows:
    • Business Class
    • Premium Economy Class
    • Economic Class
  • It also comes up with many entertainment sources like TV, audiobooks, in-flight games, etc.

Is Air Canada Good Airline as per IATA?

International Air Transport Association (IATA) has accepted Air Canada as its member. This carrier is operating globally as per the security standards set by this body. Here are a few points to gain more insights about the same. 

  • Air Canada is certified by IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit).
  • The carrier is good as it has implemented all security standards by this authority. 
  • It achieved 5 out of 7-star ratings for regulating such prescribed safety measures.

Why is Air Canada a Good Airline According to Records?

Why is Air Canada a Good Airline According to Records

Air Canada is associated with many wonderful records in its aviation history. Being a big airline, it is a popular air service provider in the whole of North America. Along with this, many things make this flag carrier special, as per the records.

To know why is Air Canada a good airline, one can go through these insights relating to records:

  • This airline has a high rating in comparison to some air services.
  • It has a four-star rating as per customers’ reviews.
  • The carrier is accredited by IATA to operate commercial flights worldwide.
  • Furthermore, it has excellent records of safety. 
  • A US-based magazine has voted Air Canada as the best airline in North America.
  • It has the record highest number of passengers traveling with it know

Is Air Canada a Good Airline and FAA-Certified? 

The accreditation from the FAA can make travelers believe more in the safety of transportation. Air Canada has earned approval from this government body. This approval sends the following indications:

  • The air carrier has Federal Aviation Administration Certification and abides by its terms.
  • It is because the airline has been operating safely for many years.
  • Travelers feel secure while traveling via the modern aircraft of this airline.

Is Air Canada Rouge a Good Airline to Fly with? 

Is Air Canada Rouge a Good Airline to Fly with

Air Canada is considered good to travel with. In addition, its subsidiaries like Air Canada Rouge are preferable as well. This particular subsidiary is the best for different kinds of passengers, including those with some medical conditions.

Continue reading to comprehend why is Air Canada Rouge a good airline:

  • The airline has medical approval from recognized bodies.
  • It allows passengers to take certain medications with the prescribed slip by the doctor.
  • The carrier provides assistance to passengers during flights.
  • It has enough facilities to ensure good experiences for people.
  • In terms of connectivity as well, the subsidiary can be preferred.

Is Air Canada Airlines Good for Unaccompanied Minors?

The air operator has facilitated unaccompanied minor programs for children who travel alone. Air Canada is always believed to provide the best services under this program. Given that its rules and guidelines are followed, flying with this airline is good for solo minors.

  • About 10,000 children travel solely each year safely with Air Canada.
  • The highly trained staff of the carrier provides minors with the best care.
  • From the arrival at the airport till reaching the destination, children are kept protected.
  • These facilities point out why is Air Canada a good airline to fly for youngsters. 

Is Canada Air a Good Airline as per Reviews? 

Carriers like Air Canada are committed to providing passengers with the best quality services and facilities. The same can be also seen in the reviews given by them. 

  • As per the reviews, the seat comfort and facilities are exceptional.
  • Travelers stated the food and beverages to be the most delicious.
  • In-flight entertainment is rated highly because of its quality.
  • The WiFi and connectivity systems are good.
  • But in terms of affordability, some passengers may have expressed dissatisfaction.

On the Whole

Air Canada is a good airline in most traveling aspects. With its wide range of destinations internationally and domestically, it has become the first choice of many passengers. It is certified for operating safe and clean flights. Moreover, its incredible performance has led it to gain high ratings from customers.

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