How to Change Qatar Airways Flight Date Online and Offline?

How to Change Qatar Airways Flight Date Online

Qatar Airways has created a clear and concise policy to be used for changing flight dates online/offline. Many travelers may be planning to modify their departure day. But they might not know how to change Qatar Airways flight date online or offline. After studying and following some steps, alterations in timing can be made. But majorly, it is important to know that it can be initiated offline via a phone call as well as online using the website of this airline. Added to this, travelers should know carriers’ flight date change policy, fees, limitations, and the availability of free provisions. 

What is Qatar Airways Change Flight Date Policy? 

What is Qatar Airways Change Flight Date Policy

This airline has a policy for travelers who want to change their flight dates. It is called the change flight date policy. All the necessary rules and procedures have been mentioned under it to feasibly modify the day of travel.

Passengers can find more details regarding Qatar Airways flight date change policy below:

  • At times, it allows passengers to change their flight dates without penalty fees.
  • Some fare differences may apply while changing scheduled tours. 
  • The policy applies to all fare types, including non-refundable tickets.
  • Alterations in date can be done online and offline.
  • This policy works as per the fare rules.

How can I Change My Flight Date on Qatar Airways Online?

This air carrier, Qatar, allows passengers to change their flight dates online. This can be done via the official website of the airline. After logging in to the account, they can make the desired modifications to dates. 

Added below are the steps to follow to change flight dates on Qatar Airways online: 

  • Visit the Qatar Airways website and log in to the account. 
  • Go to the section for “Manage Booking”.
  • Select the flight for which the date is to be changed. 
  • Click on the “Change Flight” option. 
  • Then select the new date to travel on. 
  • Review the details of the modified flight. Select any additional services needed. 
  • Pay any difference in fare or fees, if applicable. 
  • Confirm the changes and check the updated itinerary reflecting the new date.

How to Change Date of Flight Qatar Airways Offline at Airports? 

To change the date of a Qatar Airways flight offline, one can head to the airport. By visiting the customer assistance counter of this carrier, one can place a request. Travelers have to make sure to have their flight details, including the booking reference number and date of flying. They may need these while making the alteration.  

  • Qatar’s representative will check for the availability of the new flight date, once a request is made.
  • Provide the details related to changing flight date on Qatar Airways as asked. 
  • Once travelers select a new flight date, they have to pay the required fees for changes.
  • The representative will make the changes and confirm a new flight date.

How to Change Flight Date for Qatar Airways via Call? 

How to Change Flight Date for Qatar Airways via Call

Changing the date of a flight can sometimes be critical for people. They can conveniently do so over the phone call. To start, travelers will need to call the team of Qatar Airways. The phone numbers can vary as per location. Some of the contact numbers have been provided below.

LocationQatar Airways Phone Number
United States+1 877 777 2827
United Kingdom+44 330 912 7415
Qatar+974 4144 5555
New Zealand+64 9 88 66 229
  • After contacting the airline, travelers need to ask them for flight date change availability. 
  • A representative will then help them to find a new departure day. 
  • In the process, submit any details required.
  • Keep in mind that there may be a fee associated with flight modification. 
  • Ask the representative about these charges before confirming the change. 

What is the Qatar Airways Change Flight Date Fee?

The flight date change fees begin at $100 onward for Qatar Airways passengers. The charges may vary as per the flight class, time, and availability. Without paying the required charges, travelers can’t modify the schedule of their departure. 

To know about the applicable charges, consider going through the below-given table. 

Type of Date Change Change Flight Date Qatar Airways Fee
Outbound 100 – 125 USD
Inbound 100 – 125 USD
For Both Outbound and Inbound in 1 Transaction 100 – 125 USD

What are the Limitations to Change Flight Date on Qatar Airways?

What are the Limitations to Change Flight Date on Qatar Airways?

There are some limitations to keep in mind when it comes to changing flight dates on Qatar Airways. Some factors affect or restrict modifications in the departure schedule. Some fares may not allow changes at all.

Aside from this, more limitations are listed as follows: 

  • Firstly, the ability to change a flight date depends on the fare rules of the ticket. 
  • Changes may be subject to availability.
  • When flights are not available, alteration can’t be done. 
  • Modifications are not allowed three hours before departure.
  • Usually, after checking in, any type of change is not permitted on the flight date. 

How to Change Flight Date for Free on Qatar Airways?

Currently, there may be no provisions to make changes to the flight date for free. Some charges are compulsory to pay for making modifications. However, one can avoid major penalties by considering timely changes. They can cancel the ticket 24 hours after booking at no cost. 

On the Whole

Qatar Airways has a clear policy for changing flight dates. It applies to all fare types and can be done online and offline. While some fare differences may apply, the change fees are affordable, though they are subject to availability and fare rules. Doing timely alterations can avoid high penalties. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Prior to changing dates on Qatar Airways tickets, flyers should get their queries cleared. They can do so by going through the questions added below:

1. Can I change my flight date Qatar Airways online?

Yes, you can change flight dates online via the “Manage Booking” page on the airline’s website.

2. Can I change my flight date with Qatar Airways offline?

Travelers can change flight dates offline by visiting the Qatar Airways counter at the departure airport.

3. Is there a Qatar Airways flight date change fee?

Yes, there is a fee to modify flight dates, based on the fare type.

4. How far in advance can you change flight dates Qatar Airways?

Based on availability, one can make advance modifications to dates on flight tickets.

5. Can I change my return flight date Qatar Airways via phone?

You can try to change your return flight date by contacting the airline on the phone.

6. How much does it cost to change flight date Qatar Airways?

The change fees may vary but normally, it ranges between 100 to 125 USD.

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