TravelRaval’s Global Travel Guide For July

Global Travel Guide

Come July, it’s all about the heat. Some of the most well-liked tourism spots around the globe get extra sunny from the sweltering summer temperatures in the northern hemisphere.

The Mediterranean beach scene is prominent in Europe due to the abundance of sunshine. While, in the tropics, the dry season heralds the best times to see wildlife. 

Global Travel Guide For July 2022

The heat is beneficial to colder regions as well, with Arctic regions being the most reachable. Then there are the summer festivities, which feature vibrant gatherings, breathtaking desert spectacles, and startling acts of daredevilry. 

Wherever you choose to sail here are our recommendations for July 2022.

Best Places to Visit in July 2022 for Relaxation

Travel Guide For Suffolk

Come July, tourists flock to Castle Nation as the short-lived British summer lures them. This is because the Suffolk countryside, which served as the famed landscape painter’s muse, should really be bathed in sunshine. There are many places for artists to retreat, but anyone who doesn’t want to paint can take a canoe excursion and paddle around the peaceful surroundings. 

Best Places to Visit in July 2022 for Relaxation

Similar old-world treats can be found in Unguja’s historic Stone Town.

This time of the year the tourists in herds flock to Zanzibar. The island’s winding alleyways, are still fragrant with the aromas of nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon and etched with memories of a painful history. 

Best Places to Visit in July 2022 for Wildlife and Nature

Travel guide for Brazil’s

July marks the peak of the dry season which increases the likelihood of seeing the cryptic carnivores. One such is the reclusive jaguars in Brazil’s Pantanal Wetland. 

Botswana’s Okavango Delta is at its wettest during the country’s dry season. Peculiarly, because it takes six months for water to trickle down from Angola’s highlands. This makes the region’s creeks accessible by mokoro (dugout canoe), and it offers unparalleled water-level wildlife views of hippos and crocs.

Best Places to Visit in July 2022

Conversely, warmer months are the best times to visit colder regions. This is especially true of Alaska, where visitors in July enjoy the added advantage of witnessing up to 100 grizzlies wading into nearby rivers in quest of pink salmon. 

Instead of the camera-snapping crowds that characterise peak season, tourists can visit Australia’s Kangaroo Island to glimpse newborn peering from their mothers’ pouches.

Best Places to Visit in July 2022 to Experience Culture

July is a hot month in Mongolia, and not just because of the 113-degree (45-degree) daytime highs. The Gobi Desert is filled with people celebrating Naadam, a festival of masculinity that features a wrestling match between competitors wearing small, sparkly breeches.

Gobi Desert

In Antigua, the country’s sun-baked sands greet Carnival, a tornado of thrilling reggaeton music, metal bands, and feathered outfits. Conditions are similarly hot throughout this time.

A long-running high-dive competition in July draws thousands of people to Mostar’s maze of Old Town alleyways where they can cool off by throwing themselves from the city’s elaborate stone bridge into the Neretva River.

In the meantime, Japan is in store for more solemn gatherings since July marks the start of the Mt. Fuji climbing season. While climbing the holy peak, expect crowds, but mixing with other hikers is half the fun of this mystical connection.

Best Places to Visit in July 2022 for Experience


July has the added benefit of having 24-hour daylight, making it possible to see polar bears paddling across the ice at all times. Svalbard’s dramatic frozen vistas are most accessible this time of the year. 

Northern Europe offers a wealth of more cosmopolitan water excursions.

During the summer, cruises travel between the Baltic’s most prestigious ports, connecting chic Stockholm, hip Copenhagen, historic Tallinn, and catholic Riga.

Travel Guide for Copenhagen

The desert plains of Australia’s Red Centre, on the other hand, are at their most dramatic during July. This nature spectacle is best viewed from the window of the Ghan Express, one of the world’s great rail excursions that connects Darwin and Adelaide


July is the optimum month to travel Ireland for winter pursuits. Visitors have at their disposal 18 hours of daylight to see landmarks like the enormous Cliffs of Moher or the fjord-side Killary Harbour. In any case, Ireland’s most popular attraction—its chic pubs—will always welcome you with open arms.

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