Does Air France Require Masks? A Brief Introduction to Rules and Regulations 

Air France is a passenger-friendly airline. It is best known for its safety measures taken during the pandemic. Keeping the safety of its passengers in mind, face masks are required on Air France flights. This is required as a precautionary measure so that people can feel safe while traveling. Note that the rules associated with face masks may vary from one country to another, due to the COVID-19 conditions, number of cases, and so on. Therefore, every passenger of this airline is advised to check the country-specific rules for face masks beforehand. 

Are Masks Mandatory on Air France?

Even though the number of COVID-19 cases is decreasing, some countries may still be having a surge. Due to this, the airline, Air France, has strongly recommended to its travelers to wear a surgical face mask when boarding the flight. However, it has some rules and restrictions for the same.

Although Air France does not require COVID-19 testing mandatorily, these rules have to be ensured:

  • Face masks should be without valves.
  • Only passengers who are 6 or above age will need to wear it.
  • Masks may be needed at airports or on flights or both, depending on the destinations.
  • Every country has different rules for face masks which should be learned about.

Does Air France Require Masks at All Airports/Flights?

It is recommended by Air France to wear an authorities-approved surgical face mask while traveling via some airports. Although the governments of different countries have taken back the restrictions associated with COVID-19, the airline is suggesting to do so to ensure safety.

When it comes to where masks are required on Air France, travelers will need to consider their departure as well as arrival destinations. Depending on the same, they will need to wear a face mask, especially on the flight and/or at the airport.

Does Air France Require Masks on International Flights?

Travelers may need to cover their faces with a surgical mask while traveling internationally in the flights of Air France. However, it is always a good idea to check the country-specific rules regarding face masks. Some countries may ask them to wear masks at the airport as well as on the flight, while others will not.

However, passengers can get some relaxation in the following scenario:

  • Face masks are not needed if travelers are below 6 years of age.
  • Fliers can avoid wearing face masks when they have any medical reasons.
  • To get relaxation, certain documents will be needed. These include:
  • A legible certificate stamped and signed by a certified physician
  • Negative test report of COVID-19
  • Vaccination certification
  • These documents do not provide exemptions from nation-based rules.
  • It is essential to double-check the rules before boarding the flight.

Are Masks Mandatory on Air France for Domestic Travel?

To travel within the country, masks are required on Air France. The airline has made it mandatory so that possible risks can be avoided. Since the national airline of France gives top priority to its fliers’ safety, it is still following this rule. They can be exempted when they are below 6 years old or have any specific medical condition.

Final Thoughts

Air France is an airline that ensures the safety of its passengers throughout their journey. The face mask requirement is one such example of it. In addition to this, the airline is also following the cleaning measures as suggested by the government and other aviation agencies for further security.


Some frequently asked questions about face masks and related aspects of Air France have been answered here:

Do I need to wear a mask on Air France while traveling domestically?

Yes, domestically, passengers need to wear a surgical mask without a valve.

Are masks required on Air France international flights?

The face mask is to be worn, depending on the rules of the arrival and departure countries.

Is Air France requiring masks for every passenger?

Aside from travelers with a medical reason or below 6 years of age, masks are to be worn.

Do I need a mask on Air France if I have a medical reason?

No, passengers with health conditions can avoid wearing a mask by showing valid medical documents.

Does Air France require face masks at the airport?

It depends on the departure/arrival airports whether a passenger will need to wear a mask.

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