20 Best Places to Visit in September in USA 2022

Best Places to Visit in September in USA

The USA has a lot to experience, regardless of when you decide to travel there. These are some of the best places to visit in September in the USA. (along with some autumn travel advice)!

The world’s fourth-largest country has a lot to offer, including beaches, deserts, mountains, and everything in between. Additionally, traveling to the USA in September gives you the chance to experience the country’s most picturesque season.

Finding the ocean, wilderness, desert, city life, or solitude does not require traveling far, which adds to the excitement of touring the United States this time of the year. In some cases, you can even accomplish several of these objectives on one trip. It’s vital to keep in mind that the top vacation spots are frequently at their best during the shoulder travel season as you make travel plans.

September is one of the easiest and most beautiful seasons to travel across the USA, with lower temperatures, less tourists, and some leaves starting to change early in the month. The finest locations to go in the USA in September range from comfortable mountain retreats to exploring breweries and more.

1. North Cascades National Park in Washington is a Stunning Wilderness to Explore

North Cascades National Park

Western Washington’s North Cascades National Park is a sizable wilderness region. The North Cascade Range contains picturesque mountains, icecaps, volcanoes, alpine meadows, flowing waterfalls, and other distinctive natural features that make up the park region. They are also referred to as the Alps of North America.

The park’s two sections reach to Lake Chelan in the south and the Canadian border in the north. Mule deer, black-tailed deer, black bears, elk, and mountain goats are just a few of the rich and abundant fauna found in North Cascades.

Summer months from mid-June to mid-September are the best seasons to visit because of the Pacific rain. Since there are less people around during the height of summer and because the weather is still mild, it is one of the cool places to travel in the US this time of the year.

2. Fewer Crowds and Beautiful Weather Sums up a Perfect Escape to Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon National Park’s expansive beauty is unmatched by many other locations. This vast attraction in northern Arizona, which is made up of vibrant canyon walls and evokes a profound sense of wonder, draws over six million tourists a year. 

While the summer is the busiest time to visit Grand Canyon National Park, many people agree that the fall (September to November) is the greatest time to go. In the spring and fall, there are significantly fewer visitors and milder temperatures, making it simpler to enjoy lodging, hiking paths, and the bizarre natural portrait at the canyon’s rim.

Similar to other Grand Canyon activities, white water rafting on the Colorado River offers a variety of experiences this time of the year . The official rafting season blossoms in September thanks to the milder temperatures and calmer water.

3. The Seaport City of Seattle Covers an Array of Experiences and Day Trips

Pioneer Square

Seattle, a port city, is well-known for both its delectable cuisine and its cold climate. Seattle is best visited in September or October to take advantage of its normal weather without being too frigid to experience its wide range of activities. 

There are plenty of things to do in Seattle. Some of the top attractions include Pioneer Square, the city’s oldest district, the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, the Museum of Art and Pop Music, Seattle Great Wheel, Seward Park, among others.

The Barista Academy’s coffee courses, Teatro Zinzanni’s fun part-cabaret performances, Marination Ma Kai’s popular food truck, the intriguing beneath the streets tour, Boeing’s future of aviation tour, attending a professional baseball game, etc. are other enjoyable activities.

The city’s culture draws both residents and visitors because it is home to numerous breweries and farmers’ markets. In addition, the Japanese Garden and Washington Park Arboretum also provide stunning displays of fall colors that showcase the city’s stunning natural splendor.

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4. The Vibrant Fall Colors in Flagstaff Make it a Lovely Place to Visit in September

Vibrant Fall

When visiting the Flagstaff in September, you must soak into the stunning foliage, some interesting small towns, and the surrounding national parks.

Take a picturesque trip to the Arizona Snowbowl to take in the brilliant fall foliage, or hike some of Flagstaff’s most well-liked trails, like Wilson Meadow, Aspen Nature Loop, and Bismarck Lake. And is one of the best places to see in the USA.

Visit Walnut Canyon National Monument, Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument, or Wupatki National Monument to see miles and miles of golden aspens. Here you can learn about the region’s geology, and retrace the steps of the past. You can also drive up to Lockett Meadow or take a cable car to the Arizona Snowbowl to enjoy miles and miles of golden aspens.

Visit the Flagstaff Star Party and 2022 Celebration of the Night for a really celestial experience. You can also take a visit to the Lowell Observatory to witness the famed 24-inch Clark refracting telescope. And, is one of the unique things to do in Flagstaff.

5. Kenai Fjords in Alaska for Breathtaking Landscape and Amazing Wildlife

Kenai Fjords National Park

Kenai Fjords National Park in Alaska is one of the hot destinations to travel this time of the year. Thanks to its Harding Icefield that crowns over 40 outflowing glaciers, and the coastline bays. 

September is a beautiful month since nature is in full bloom, the temperatures are still not too cold, and the days are still long. The park’s rich species thrives in the brisk, energizing air, cold rivers, and lush woodlands makes it one of the best states to visit in September.

Seals, whales, and otters thrive in the cold waters, and visitors can go whale watching, icefield hiking, kayaking, boat tours, and cruises. The plentiful wildlife, spectacular mountains, and tidewater glaciers make it one of Alaska’s most popular wildlife and glacier tours.

6. It’s Baseball, Donuts, and Pleasant Weather Galore in San Francisco

Oracle Park

San Francisco’s September weather is ideal for strolling, attending a concert, visiting museums, and taking a bay cruise, making it one of the cool places to travel in the US.

The SF 49ers football team or the Oakland A’s, who play just across the bay, will keep you engaged while you watch the Giants baseball team. It is the venue where they compete against the Phillies, Wildcats, Diamondbacks, and other teams in Oracle Park. It is one of the best things to do in September.

Attend notable performances by well-known performers including John Mayer, Michael Buble, and Lana Del Ray at the Orpheum.

Visit the San Francisco Donut Fest to luxuriate in your sweet cravings with at least ten different donut samples. Stop by the Robin Williams Meadow in Golden Gate Park to watch over forty stand-up comedians. You can also marvel at the city’s distinctive architecture at the architecture. At the Whiskies of the World festival, partake in sampling 200 different types of scotch, bourbon, and other imported whiskies from around the world at the Whiskies of the World festival.

7. The Best Beach Destination to Visit in September is Cape May

Cape May

Originally a whaling and fishing hamlet, the area has become popular with tourists of all sorts. People travel there for the lovely ancient architecture, the picturesque harbor, the wide variety of accommodations, the excellent selection of dining options, and of course the magnificent beach.

Everyone who visits must sample the meal. At the foot of the canal bridge, Schellenger’s Landing has a few eateries. There are more down the shoreline and in West Cape May.

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September temperatures typically hover around a fairly pleasant 25 degrees, and the summertime crowds would also be gone by them. Thus, it makes it an ideal and the best place to visit in the USA in September.

San Francisco is a fantastic starting point for visiting the state of California’s national parks, seaside towns, and other attractions.

8. Colorado Springs Sets the Perfect Landscape for Outdoorsy Pursuits

Colorado Springs, which is located at the eastern foot of the Rocky Mountains and the surrounding Pikes Peak, exhibits the picturesque scenery in the fall.  The month offers lovely chilly temps, fewer tourists, and lower pricing, making it one of the best places to go in September in the USA.

The area around Pikes Peak and Colorado Springs is draped in brilliant autumnal leaf colors. Every year, both locals and tourists venture into the forest to take in the natural beauty. You can also witness the changing of aspen leaves.

To reach the 14,000-foot peak of Pikes Peak, the area offers beautiful hiking routes and a cog railway that winds through a national park. Mountain views and famous red sandstone formations can be found in the Garden of the Gods park, making it one of the best places to visit in Colorado.

For exploring  the spectacular september, there are Segway trips, bike rides, and jeep tours in addition to the trails and train.

9. Beaufort, South Carolina for its beautiful scenery and Historic architecture


You absolutely must visit this tiny, salt-air city on Port Royal Island during your autumn holiday. You may enjoy a stroll through the streets and take in the magnificent homes that have stood here since before the American Civil War. It gets warm here this time of the year—the temperature reaches 29 degrees and is one of the top places to visit in September in the USA.

There is a tonne of Victorian and colonial architecture in the city, and you may go on excursions to see some of it. Some have even been used in vintage Hollywood films.

You may want to visit the Beaufort National Cemetery or hang out with residents on the Intracoastal Waterway at the Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park after a hard day. And, then finish your day with delectable food at Plums Restaurant. 

10. This is the Most Affordable Time to Visit Cincinnati


The month of September is undoubtedly the best and cheapest time to visit Cincinnati. It is one of the best places to see in the USA.

As you take part in the Ohio Renaissance Festival, travel back in time to a 16th-century English hamlet where you may browse craft stores and eateries. Also do not miss the music and acrobatic performances.

Visit the Great American Ball Park in September to see a Cincinnati Reds home game, enjoy the annual Riverfest, and take part in a free celebration of aviation-themed fun at Lunken Airport. Or, be amazed by the 200,000 ducks that compete for awards during the Rubber Duck Regatta, and is one of the best things to do in Cincinnati.

If you visit Cincinnati in September, be sure to attend the Cincinnati Comic Con and Oktoberfest Zinzinnati.

11. Summer Throngs Move Away from the Savannah This Time of the Year

Fort McAllister State Park

Savannah is a fantastic September vacation destination packed with festivals, activities, and outdoor adventures. Despite being big, Savannah has a cozy small town vibe and is one of the best places to travel in September in the USA!

Visit the Starland District, which is brimming with art, stores, and cafés, or wander the Victorian district to observe the wonderful architecture.

By joining a ghost tour to discover its eerie side in September, you can avoid the crowds associated with Halloween. And, it is one of the best things to do in Savannah for kids.

Turtle Hatching Two-Night Weekends, Labor Day Celebrations at Fort McAllister State Park, and the Food Truck Expo are September events you shouldn’t miss.

12. Summer Temperature and Crowd Move Away a Bit in New York City in September

Rockaway Beach

In September, there is a lot to see and experience in New York City. Don’t miss Hamilton, The Lion King, Moulin Rouge, or any of the other musicals now that the Broadways are back.

Attend the Governors Ball, one of New York’s most anticipated events, to see performances by upcoming pop singers, well-known rappers, and others. And, it is one of the best things to do in New York city.

The football season begins on Labor Day, so be ready to catch a game as the New York Jets and NY Giants take the field.

You can also attend the Labor Day Weekend Electric Zoo Music Festival, see the Coney Island Mermaid Parade, view the Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit, or attend a New York Fashion Week show.

Take advantage of Oktoberfest to drink all the best beers in NYC while enjoying the last of the sun’s rays at Rockaway Beach. and is one of the best places to visit in the USA in September.

13. It’s Lesser Summer Crowds and Breweries Galore at the Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast is best visited in September, when crowds have somewhat thinned out. Additionally, it’s the ideal time to organize a weekend getaway from Portland and other major cities in the state.

Here you can pick up fresh vegetables at Seaside Farmers Market, sample tasty beer from hundreds of craft breweries at the Pacific Northwest in downtown Astoria, and take the Cottage & Garden Tour to Cannon Beach to see old houses, old inns, and architectural marvels.

The Oregon Coast is a fantastic location to offer numerous little communities with unique characteristics and is one of the cool places to travel in the USA.

14. For a Pleasant US September Vacation, Visit the Na Pali Coast in Hawaii

Na Pali Coast

One of Hawaii’s most breathtaking views may be found along the rocky shoreline of Na Pali. According to historians, this stretch of Kauai is where the early Hawaiians settled along this lovely coast. Spectacular cliffs, gorgeous beaches, rocky hiking trails, and huge archaeological sites are all found along the Na Pali Coast.

Exploring Na Pali’s untouched landscape is a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can climb here, take a boat around it, or fly above it. Numerous hiking trails are available in the area, including the “Hanakapiai Trail” that leads to this well-known waterfall.

Hawaii is best visited between March and September, when there is the least amount of rain and the best weather. Thus, making it the perfect time to experience the island’s crystal-clear oceans and supple sand beaches. Hawaii is one of the best September vacation destinations in the US because the temperatures are cooler than in the summer.

15. Visit New England to Witness the Early-Fall Leaf-Change

Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island make up the northeastern U.S. region known as New England. It is also noted for its Atlantic coastline, forested mountains, and changing autumn foliage. The beginning of September heralds the beginning of the leaf-changing season, and by the end of the month, the area is at its most colorful for the fall.

The area’s mountains and trees are a riot of color, and its quaint towns have a fall-themed ambience. The countryside has several beautiful trails for riding and hiking, as well as warm lodges which are ideal for camping.

Where to go in September in the US for foliage and fresh farm produce? It’s New England. During this time of year, it’s common to find fresh cider donuts, apple orchards, pumpkin patches, and corn corridors in the local towns. 

16. Lots of events and perfect weather in September in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Blandford Nature Center

Grand Rapids, one of the top cities in Michigan, is one of the best places to visit in September USA.

This time of the year, there are plenty of things to do in Grand Rapids Michigan. Here you take a stroll along the Mackinac Bridge Walk, or partake in the Sunflower Festival, Frankenmuth Oktoberfest, appreciate the breathtaking artwork at the renowned Art Prize, be amazed at the Frankenmuth AutoFest, and enjoy apple delicacies at Michigan apple festivals. 

Visit Blandford Nature Center to experience nature at its best, the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park to see one-of-a-kind fall foliage, Harmony Hall or Founders Brewing Company to sample pumpkin beer and other attractions in the city. 

You can also head to the 1500-acre Millenium Park which is ideal for hiking and biking along the tree-lined trails, You can also kayak or canoe to explore the 4 miles of shorelines. 

17. The Month of September is a Beautiful Time to Travel to Charleston, South Carolina

Netherworld First Theater

Five of the happiest beach communities in the USA are located in the lovely city of Charleston. The sandy beaches are great for leisurely strolls.  The area is renowned for its avenue of old oak trees, and the fall season which offers plenty of exciting activities and festivities.

Fall in Charleston features fun corn corridors, hot air balloon festivals, fall tours, and more, starting from the city’s garden gates to seasonal farmers markets.

Other great locations in this richly historic city are the Gibbes Museum of Arts, the Netherworld First Theater, and Freshfields Village Cars & Coffee.

18. Santa Fe, New Mexico is a Fantastic US Holiday in September

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Between September and November, when temperatures range from 20 to 70 degrees this is the ideal time to visit Santa Fe.

Although spring and summer are generally the busier and have similar temperatures, fall celebrations make Santa Fe particularly inviting in the fall months.

Fiestas de Santa, Wine and Chile Fiesta, the spectacular Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, and the harvest festival at El Rancho De Las Golondrinas are just a few of the celebrations. The traditional harvest festival offers a pumpkin farm, cider-making opportunities, music, and entertainment making it one of the fantastic things to do in Santa Fe.

Visit Santa Fe in the fall for fewer tourists and a wide variety of adventure activities, music, art festivals, food, and drinks.

19. North California’s Carmel-by-the-Sea for a Quaint and Lovely September Vacation


Carmel-by-the-Sea is a picture-perfect community with tree-lined streets, lovely architecture, chic boutiques, fine dining abode, and a stunning beach at the end of town. Carmel is a tranquil, attractive town famous for its breathtaking sunsets over the Pacific Ocean, its vast sand dunes that lead to the coast, and its towering Mexican Juniper and Fir woods.

Surprisingly, the fall brings the most sunshine of the year, with pleasant, clear days and cold, windy evenings. The cool weather in September is perfect for lounging in the sun, taking a stroll, and lounging on a nice beach.

Along with the ocean, Carmel offers top-notch restaurants, shopping arcade, excellent wine tasting establishments, art galleries, and cozy guesthouses. It is also a home to a historic California mission called Mission San Carlos Borromeo del Rio Carmelo.

20. By This Time, the Summer Heat is Gone in Washington, DC

One of the best places to visit in September in the USA is  Washington, DC.

There are some cool things to do in Washington DC. Visit the DC Festival Of Magic for a weekend filled with mysteries and sorcery, revel in jazz at the District Wharf during the 18th annual Jazz Fest, see Hamilton on Broadway, or watch one of DC’s sports teams game. 

Check out the Around the World Embassy Tour for a truly global experience, where you can visit the embassies of 30 different nations.

Other events in September include the National Book Festival, where you may meet some of your favorite best-selling writers, and the Broccoli City Festival, where music and art mingle.


September is a great time to travel in the USA. It gives you enough time to experience some of the more popular tourist attractions in the country, but it’s not as crowded during this period as you may expect. Plus, there’s still plenty of time for people who enjoy outdoor activities to engage in them. One word of caution: September is not just the start of hurricane season, but also peak fire danger season in Arizona and New Mexico due to monsoon rainfall, so be sure to check the PHWA2000 weekly fire danger map.

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Best Places to Travel in September

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