Aruba Airlines Check-in: A Complete Guide to Rules, Time, Procedures, & Fees

Aruba Airlines Check-in

As a flag carrier, Aruba Airlines aims to offer the best possible travel experience to its passengers, especially through smooth check-in. With Aruba Airlines check-in for flights, one can find multiple easy options. Not only are these options simple but quick as well. In addition to these, the airline ensures convenience to travelers with special needs during the check-in process. To assist them, the airline has a dedicated team available at the airport across the destinations covered. Even though assistance is offered to these and other passengers too, prior knowledge about check-in rules, time, fees, and procedures should be developed.

What Are the Rules for Aruba Airlines Check-In?

Even though the methods offered by Aruba Airlines for check-in are easy to follow, it is mandatory to understand the associated rules. For instance, the airline has strict regulations for the check-in timings. Every passenger is expected to visit the airport on or before the scheduled time of the flight to complete the check-in without any hassle.

Apart from this, there are some more rules that a flier should know about. These include but are not restricted to the ones discussed here:

  • The check-in should be completed before the given departure.
  • Every procedure and government formality i.e. customs and immigration should be completed.
  • No check-in will be done before 30 minutes of the departure time of the flight.
  • Boarding will be denied if documents are not complete at the time of check-in.
  • The airline is not responsible for any expense when travelers fail to do this process.
  • Passengers with special needs should inform the airline in advance.
  • Such passengers can request assistance at the time of marking their arrival.

 Note: Reservations are usually canceled in case passengers fail to check-in as per the rules. 

What is Aruba Airlines Check-in Time?

Timing for Aruba Airlines check-in completely depends on the destination a passenger is traveling to or from. To put it simply, the time and hours to mark arrival for Aruba Airlines flights may vary from one airport to another. It is the passengers’ responsibility to find out the time before leaving for the airport. 

How to Check in with Aruba Airlines?

Aruba Airlines covers numerous destinations within and outside the country, hence, travelers will be able to find check-in counters i.e. kiosk centers at their respective airports. In addition to this, the airline has employed experienced and skilled staff members at airports for further assistance and guidance needed for the process. 

Self check-in is another option, aside from kiosks, to confirm one’s arrival for a flight. To complete the process at an airport’s kiosk, a traveler will need to follow the steps given here:

  • First, locate Aruba’s kiosk at the airport.
  • Enter the necessary details required while using the kiosk.
  • Follow every prompt appearing on the display for checking in.
  • Once the process is done, print the boarding pass for further procedures.

Tip: Travelers can carry digital boarding passes as well. 

Can I Check-in Online on Aruba Airlines?

Aruba Airlines online check-in is not available. However, the airline offers other quick and convenient modes to complete the process. This includes offline check-in at the airport for international as well as domestic passengers. To complete this process, they will need to find the Aruba Airlines counter at their departure airport. 

Who Can Check-in on Aruba Airlines?

Anyone who has booked and confirmed a ticket with Aruba Airlines is eligible for check-in. However, the airline offers special services to those who need special assistance. Note that passengers with special needs are usually required to inform the airline in advance to seek priority services while they confirm their arrival.

Limitations on Checking in for Some Passengers

In relation to checking in, Aruba Airlines understands that passengers can have varied conditions. Hence, it is obvious that they will have different needs when coming to the airport to execute this process. Depending on these needs, constraints may arise.

It is important to note that, keeping the safety and other similar aspects in mind, this airline has some limitations for the following passengers:

For Expecting Mothers: 

Pregnant ladies can only travel after check-in up to 27 weeks of pregnancy but with certification and approval from their gynecologist. Women who are over 27 weeks pregnant cannot go ahead with this process or travel even when they carry approval from their doctor.

Traveling with Pets: 

This airline accepts check-in for pets on selected routes only. Travelers should connect with the air operator for their desired route before booking tickets. Accordingly, they can mark their arrival for flights. 

Currently, the airline is not accepting pets on:

  • Haiti
  • Dominican Republic
  • Cuba

How Much is the Aruba Airlines Check-in Fee?

Check-in with Aruba Airlines may come with a fee. The airline aims to provide a convenient travel experience to its passengers by offering affordability while doing this procedure. When it comes to checking in, they may not only need to pay a minimal fee but a tax as well.

Passengers can use one of the following to know the costs applicable:

  • Travelers can dial (+297) 290-8300. 
  • Or, they can connect via WhatsApp at +1-786-784-1589.
  • Fliers can choose to visit the airport counter to know the applicable fee.  

Baggage Fees While Checking-in

While checking in, travelers will need to pay a baggage charge to travel smoothly. Depending on the size, weight, and number of bags, a passenger will need to pay some amount as a fee. 

However, the airline provides some free baggage as well during the process. Detailed information about the same has been discussed below to understand when the charges apply:

  • Any carry-on bag that is up to 18 kg or has a dimension of 23*40*25 is checked in for free.
  • 2 free checked baggage, of 23 kg each, are allowed to the passengers
  • USD 75 for each extra bag will be charged during the process given that:
    • Only up to 2 extra bags are carried. 
    • The weight and size of these bags are up to 23 kg and 158 cm, respectively.

In a Nutshell

Aruba Airlines check-in is easy, provided that the rules are understood and followed. Also, Travelers can always call the airline before or after booking tickets to know the timing, process, and applicable fee for the same. This will help eliminate hassles from the travel day and make the trip memorable.

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