What is the Air Canada Travel Voucher: How to Use, Redeem, and Apply? 

To help passengers save more on their next trip, Air Canada offers multiple ways. Air Canada travel vouchers are one of the best options. These vouchers are provided in many forms such as digital wallets. The same can be utilized to book air tickets and purchase several other services. However, these vouchers come with a specific validity. All passengers are suggested to use the travel vouchers before they expire. Another notable point about these coupons is that travelers can transfer the benefit amount to use it best. Prior to that, all fliers are advised to understand the vouchers and methods to redeem them. 

What are Air Canada Travel Vouchers?

It is essential to understand that an Air Canada travel voucher is a type of compensation. The airline issues these vouchers to travelers whose flights were previously canceled or experienced any disruption. They can use these vouchers as a payment mode to save more on their next travel with this air operator.

How to Use Air Canada Travel Voucher?

Introduced in 2020, customers can avail of and use special travel vouchers upon flight cancellation. Fully transferable, these vouchers never expire and can be utilized multiple times. Passengers can use these on the flight booking as well as the packages.

Usage Limitations to Keep in Mind:

Air Canada is a good airline that provides vouchers but with some limitations. Please remember that these vouchers cannot be used on group bookings. Besides, the airline offers different ways to use these vouchers. Depending on your preference, you can redeem the same.

How to Redeem Air Canada Travel Voucher Online?

In case a flier prefers to book tickets online, then he or she will need to complete a set of steps to redeem the travel voucher of Air Canada. The process has to be performed on the official website of this airline. For the same, accurate details relating to the flier will be needed.

  • Browse through the official website of Air Canada.
  • On the homepage, passengers can get the option to find and book a flight.
  • Enter your desired travel destinations and other details asked.
  • Initiate the payment to use the vouchers issued by Air Canada.
  • While redeeming, in the given field, enter the unique code linked to the voucher.
  • Follow further steps to complete the booking and enjoy the benefits of travel vouchers. 

How to Redeem an Air Canada Travel Voucher Offline?

Travelers who do not prefer online booking can opt for other options to reserve tickets and still redeem their travel vouchers. For instance, if a flier chooses to make a booking with the help of a travel agent, then he/she can directly contact this person. This will help the flier to receive the benefits of an Air Canada travel voucher balance.

How to Redeem Air Canada Travel Vouchers via a Phone Call?

While booking tickets from Air Canada through modes like calling, the benefits of travel vouchers can still be availed. For this, customers can call on the number of the Air Canada Reservation team. It can be contacted by dialing 1-888-247-2262.

  • To use vouchers for Air Canada Vacations, one can dial 1-866-529-2079 when flying to:
    • The Caribbean
    • Mexico
  • Under Aeroplan, 1-800-361-5373 is the contact number to use.
  • For international flyers, using the following phone numbers are suggested:
Algeria0 982 402372
Australia0011 800 6699 2222
Japan0061 010-800-6699-2222Or, 0033 010-800-6699-2222
United States/Canada1-888-247-2262

Note: The updated contact details can be collected from the official website of the airline.  

Things to Know about Air Canada Travel Vouchers

Before passengers get any voucher and use the benefits attached, they must know a few important aspects of it. Many times passengers do not even know how much Air Canada travel voucher balance is left. To ease the process, the airline has an online tool – Check Card Balance – on its official website. Travelers can make the most out of it to calculate the balance.

Besides, some more important points related to these vouchers have been highlighted here:

  • The value of a travel voucher may take 3-4 business days to be reflected in the account.
  • The balance can be used for individual bookings. It doesn’t cover group reservations.
  • These travel vouchers of Air Canada are fully transferable. 
  • They can be fully redeemed and used many times.
  • Travel vouchers can be used for domestic and international airfares for selected routes.
  • It is not a payment method but a way to save some bucks on each trip.
  • Travelers cannot use the vouchers for car rental services, hotel booking, etc.
  • Cargo services cannot be booked through these vouchers.
  • Passengers are restricted to use vouchers for food, beverages, and duty-free items.
  • The Customer Relations department can be contacted if the voucher is:
    • Damaged, Stolen, 
    • Lost, 
    • Or, destroyed. 

Where to Use Travel Vouchers of Air Canada?

This airline has recently introduced AC Wallet for the use of travel vouchers. Hence, no new vouchers will be offered by the airline in the form of credit. But if a passenger already has a voucher, there is no need to be worried as it is valid until it is used entirely.

Speaking about the areas where an Air Canada travel voucher number can be used, customers need to remember the following:

  • The voucher can be used to buy tickets for:
    • Air Canada, 
    • Air Canada Express, 
    • And/or Air Canada Rouge.
  • It can be redeemed online or by connecting with the travel agency/agent.
  • Aeroplan Flight Rewards can be booked through these vouchers.
  • The benefits of these coupons can be enjoyed on vacation packages.

Terms and Conditions to Use Travel Vouchers

There are certain rules and restrictions to understand before redeeming Air Canada vouchers. For instance, only primary fliers can receive these travel vouchers. However, there are some more terms and conditions that need to be kept in mind while redeeming these. 

  • These vouchers are issued to the main/primary passenger only.
  • Travelers cannot use these vouchers when the flights or services are not offered by:
    • Air Canada
    • Air Canada Express
    • Air Canada Rouge
  • The benefit cannot be attained at airport self-kiosk centers or mobile app bookings.
  • Last-minute upgrades, check-in, and baggage fees cannot be done.
  • Purchase of duty-free items, cargo services, and group travel are not included.
  • Membership fees of the Air Canada Maple Leaf Club cannot be paid.  
  • Passengers cannot buy travel insurance through these vouchers.
  • Travelers are not allowed to sell these vouchers. 

How to Apply for Air Canada Travel Vouchers?

Travelers can apply for a voucher under certain conditions. These vouchers are provided to those whose flights got canceled or have faced any disruption from the airline’s end before traveling. Even though they can always request a refund in the original form of payment, travel vouchers can also be availed as a refund, once applied. 

To apply for the voucher, one needs to connect with the airline through a phone call or in person at the airport counter. After evaluating the present scenario and other important details, the airline will issue the travel vouchers.


Redeeming an Air Canada travel voucher is quite a straightforward process. Travelers can do it in a myriad of ways – online and via a phone call. However, it is important to keep the voucher code and other travel details handy as it will speed up the redemption.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Given below are some commonly asked questions and answers related to Air Canada’s travel vouchers:

Are Air Canada electronic travel vouchers and travel vouchers the same?

E-vouchers are issued by mail while the other voucher can be received via the website.

Are Air Canada travel vouchers fully transferable?

Yes, the voucher amount is fully transferable.

How long to get an Air Canada travel voucher?

It may take up to 3-4 business days to get this voucher after applying for it.

What is Air Canada travel voucher expiry date?

These vouchers do not have any expiry date.

How to get an Air Canada travel voucher?

Passengers can connect with the Air Canada representative to get travel vouchers.

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